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This prayer section was set up to help us all remembering
the needs of our brethren in our daily prayers. In the past
we were able to see the hand of our heavenly father doing
great things. By the congregation praying united, prayers
were often answered within only a few days.

You can post your prayer requests here or use this to
find out the needs you can pray for.
This section is soley for the use of sharing our trials and glorifying Yahweh
through His intervention and answering of our prayers. This section is not
for any type of public and or private solicitation of either names of people or
asking for funds or promoting an organization.  
Please do not put any private information in your prayer request of  an address
for contact or even a last name. Also, if your prayer includes solicitation in any
way it will be automatically deleted. We reserve the right to edit or remove any prayer request that we believe is not proper information for this website. We thank you for your cooperation.


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