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School for Advanced Bible Studies
By the Sea of Galilee, Israel

Come and experience the fullness of learning
about the land of our inheritance through the
most unique program in all of Israel.

Participate in a Biblical Higher Learning
Seminar in a picturesque environment that will
change your life forever.

About Hayachad

The word H′yachad means in Hebrew "the togetherness". This is the name that is used by the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls to describe their community. This is not a theological school per say, but a higher learning institution for the bible student who wants to take his calling to the next level. Hayahad is a school of discipline, and disciples of Yahshua need to learn discipline in our lives to fulfill the great high calling we have been called to. In order to be true servants as scripture states, you need to be fully equipped in not only knowing the scriptures but in learning how to live them. We are truly focused on training our students in leadership, young and old it makes no difference, and about community living and preparing to be a leader today for Elohim′s soon coming Kingdom. Whether you are just getting out of school and want to dedicate your life as a servant of Elohim or you are older and want to make that next step in your calling to a more complete role in serving our Heavenly Father and his children.

We are committed to get our students away from thinking from a western Greek mindset and thinking like an ancient Israelite. To this end we are offering a beginning to biblical Hebrew class so students can start to learn to start to read the bible in its native Hebrew tongue. We will be focusing on teaching men how to be leaders in their communities and women on how to be modest holy women, like Sarah of old. Teaching brethren to be disciplined in their calling and how to follow instructions will be a major focus on the program. Only those of a humble spirit would benefit from this training. So many people will spend years of their life going to worldly learning institutions to learn secular skills that most will not even be used in the Kingdom age, don′t you think it is worth a few months of your life to learn skills that you will take into our Heavenly Father′s Kingdom?

Founder and President

Don Esposito was born in New Jersey. He was raised Roman Catholic until he joined the Worldwide Church of God in 1982. Don stayed in the Church of God until 1995, when the church leaders changed most of the central doctrines such as observance to the 10 commandments including the 7th day Sabbath, and the biblical Holy Days of Leviticus 23. Don was ordained a Pastor by a Church of God 7th day minister and has since had an independent ministry in over 30 countries. Don has a monthly tape program for spiritual food to the scattered Brethren and also a free quarterly magazine of articles of spiritual benefit and important world event happenings that pertain to believers.

He met his wife Petra in Jerusalem in the Garden Tomb in 1997. They reside most of the year in Israel where they host the 3 pilgrim feasts in Jerusalem according to Deut. 16:16. They encourage believing soljournerss to come to Jerusalem to represent their given country of origin, as a prelude to the millennial reign of Yahshua. The rest of the year they endeavor in outreach work, visiting their congregations and bringing much needed aid to places like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Philippines, Jamaica, China, Israel, and many other places.

Don initiated Congregation of YHWH, Jerusalem as a non-denominational congregation to expose people of all backgrounds to the original roots of the early Assembly. Don and his wife Petra host study tours to Israel in collaboration with different archaeologist who have worked with the Israel Antiquities Authority. On these tours they visit archaeological sites that prove the accuracy and authenticity of the scriptures to further their goal of helping believers reinforce their faith through knowledge. Don has been a Bible student for over 27 years and is the author of the world-renowned book "The Great Falling Away", and "The chosen people".

Biblical Archeology

Archeology is a relatively new science of only about 130 years. Through archeology many biblical places and stories have been verified and the integrity of the Bible upheld.
At Hayahad, Biblical archeology is the cornerstone to proving to the skeptic the truth of scripture. We plan to have some of the top archaeologists in Israel such as Avner Goren, Gabi Barkai, Danny Herman and others as lecturers at our school.

We will have a three phase archeology program at Hayahad. Phase one will be a classroom learning of biblical archeology. Phase two will consist of touring archeological sites in the land and learning first hand of what life was like to ancient Israelites, and phase three will be actually participating in an archeological dig. Our students will also be blessed to visit the Israel Antiquity Department headquarters in Jerusalem and learn first hand about biblical archeology there.


In this class our students will go back 2,000 years in time to the 1st century period that led up to the forming of the early Congregation of believers. Students will put on an ancient Israelite mindset and learn what was the atmosphere that led up to the Jewish Nation seeking the Messiah. Also, students will learn what the early congregation was like. How was a service run. What their beliefs were, and how the sense of community was extremely important to the early believers, much different than many of the self willed attitudes you see today. The second half of the course will historically go through the changes of Christianity in the 2nd to 4th centuries leading up to the great changes by Constantine and the Nicene Council in 324 A.D. We will also have a secondary course on the epistles of the Apostle Paul.


Many people say that history is not only the key to the past but also to the future. If we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat the same mistakes of our forefathers. The whole nation of people called Israel went into Diaspora for repeating the same mistakes of the generations before them.
At H′yachad school, our students will delve into the ancient biblical time periods of the Assyrians with the captivity of the Northern House of Israel, and also the empires of Egypt and Babylon and the secondary Diaspora of Judah into of Babylon. Not only will our students learn the physical migration of the ancient Israelites but more importantly why they went into captivity and how to learn not to make the same mistakes in these crucial end times that we live in. There will also be a class on all the covenants of YHWH in scripture.

For prices for the Fall semester and applications, send Correspondence to:

Hayahad School of Higher Biblical Learning
Po Box 832 Carteret NJ 07008

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