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+ 11. On Yom Kippur fast day, should the unbaptized members fast together with the baptized in fellowship?
+ 25. What is replacement theology?
+ 30. I have been floundering for a long time wondering what my job is in the body of Messiah. How do I get that question answered?
+ 32. Did the apostles of Messiah write gospels and epistles in Hebrew?
+ 33. Who is Molech in Leviticus 20?
+ 72. Why do you translate the name of Messiah as Yahshua instead of Yeshua? Speaking only in terms of translation isn’t Messiahs name the same as Joshua’s?
+ 12. According to scripture does a man have to wear a beard?
+ 86. Please explain the relationship between ELOHIM YAHWEH and YAHSHUA.
+ 21. Should members pay bus fares on the Sabbath day to go to worship area at a distance in same city when he has no personal car?
+ 35. Is there a difference between Precepts, Statues, and Commandments?
+ 78. Are there biblical instructions of burial vs cremation?
+ 48. Why do you translate Gr. photisthentas in Hebrews 6:4 as baptized instead of enlightened?
+ 3. When do you have the Lord’s supper every year?
+ 64. Should a woman wear a veil during worship?
+ 53. Where does the soul of the believer go at death?
+ 52. Did Yahshua have long hair? Is there a scripture for this?
+ 37. Wine vs grape juice I was told that since wine is fermented it cannot expand anymore and thus the wine added to the new wineskin must have been grape juice in order for it to damage the new wineskin. Some churches believe any form of wine is sin. Is moderate wine drinking allowed in the bible?
+ 88. Can you please explain the many inconsistencies in details in the OT and NT. Ex. Acts 7:14 16 the 75 people of Jacobs family who went to Egypt and the 66 in Gen 46:26-27. Who are the 9 unaccounted for?
+ 77. Did Noah’s children commit incest after the flood to repopulate the earth again? All nations came from Noah’s three sons correct?
+ 60. Is masturbation sin?
+ 45. Since Yahweh already knows what each man woman will choose in this life would it mean that we no longer have a choice after all because everything has been predestined?
+ 89. Why does the description of the holy land promised in the bible with gold silver topography land flowing with milk honey abundance of water minerals etc not fit the land named Israel today? Some say the bible description sounds more like America. Where is the original Jerusalem?
+ 74. Can a believer baptize him herself by self immersion and receiving the renewed Covenant?
+ 1. Please explain Math 24:40-41, “40 At that time two will be out in the field; the one is taken away, and the one is left; 41 two grinding at the mill; one is taken away, and one is left.

Is this the rapture, and who are taken and to where, and who are left?
+ 36. Are women allowed to teach in the congregation?
+ 67. Why do you not use the Hebrew names in your translation knowing there is no “J’ in Hebrew, why do you use names such as Jehu and not Yehu.
+ 0. Did Elijah and Enoch die or are they in heaven?
+ 80. In 1Chronicles 27:32 in common with the Septuagint you translate to English Jonathon David’s Uncle.. Since Jonathon was not the uncle of David, Jonathon being not Saul’s brother but Saul’s son why translate the verse as uncle?
+ 34. Is there a restriction in the Bible on traveling on the Sabbath? If so how does it apply to a 1 hr. commute home after work on Friday and a 1 hr. commute to place of worship on Saturday?
+ 44. According to scripture must women wear skirts?
+ 65. Why was John baptizing without being baptized?
+ 62. We believe you are correct in the addition of the 13th month but how do we find that in the scriptures if we are asked to explain it?
+ 59. Who was Melchizedek who visited Abraham, was it Shem?
+ 56. When is the Sabbath?
+ 93. If the Ruach HaKodesh is not a person, then how come one can commit a sin against the Ruach HaKodesh? The so-called unpardonable sin. Can one commit a sin against a non-person?
+ 79. Is it wrong to have multiple wives?
+ 31. I’m living with a woman who is not my wife for we are not married and we now have a baby girl 2months old. Is it possible that me and her can still get married and hopefully to walk with Yahweh.
+ 46. Is boiling water or heating up prebaked food in the oven considered cooking on Shabbat?
+ 38.

How can a believer who has an unbelieving wife or husband still set themselves apart for YHWH without being a stumbling block? I want to be as obedient but my spouse didn't understand decreasing or lives for the betterment of ourselves and others.

+ 40.

Why is there a day after the new moon conjunctions at the end of the months of Adar Aleph Tevet and the next Adar? Why is that not the 1st day of the next month?

+ 28. I’ve just entered the covenant. I live in a place with no other true believers as far as I know. How do I keep the Biblical feasts if I cannot go to Israel or another place that has a Congregation?
+ 90. John 14:16 What does it mean that He will give another one and he will end the curse?
+ 71. Did Paul use Aramaic or Greek in his epistles to mainly Greek speaking congregations?
+ 61. Do you take kiddush, the wine and the bread at Shabbat each week or only once a year at Pesach?
+ 63. If Yahshua is co eternal with the Father (I believe this) then what does Isa 45:11 mean? “So says YAHWEH the Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him Do you ask Me of the things to come? Do you give command to Me about My sons and about the work of My hands?”
+ 69. Can you have the Holy Spirit in you without the laying on of hands?
+ 8. Which New Testament manuscript seems to be the most accurate? Did Yahshua speak this dialect?
+ 82. What about the life of Yahshua not mentioned in the Bible from His age of 12 years to starting preaching the Gospel.
+ 91. Please explain Matthew 10:28. If there is no separate soul, then why do the scriptures say HE can destroy both body and soul in Gehenna? Thank you.
+ 66.

There is a man who was taken up to heaven 14th years ago said by Paul in 2 Cor 12:14. Who is that man?

+ 84. In observing the Sabbath are we commanded to meet together with other believers or is it permissible to stay at home and just rest?
+ 22. In Gen 21:8 is Abraham celebrating a birthday?
+ 39.

I am confused on this subject...Is the Creator’s name Yahweh or YHUH?

+ 87. I have read the note in the Hebraic Roots Bible for 1Pet3:19. Please elaborate because you mentioned that Yahshua did not literally preach to the souls beings in the grave...

1Pe 3:19 and he preached to those souls, which were detained in Hades,

1Pe 3:20 which were formerly disobedient, in the days of Noah, when the long suffering of Elohim commanded an ark to be made, in hope of their repentance; and eight souls only entered into it, and were saved upon the water.
+ 68.

I had already taken baptism in the name of Father Son Holy Spirit. Till now I am following Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Is it necessary to take baptism again in the name of Yahshua? Please explain? I am confused?

+ 20. What is the reward of the firstfruits who receive Yahweh’s Spirit by the laying on of hands?
+ 47. Should children of Yahweh wear the same clothes as other people in the world? Should we set ourselves apart by going by to the clothing styles used by the Israelites in ancient times robes cowl etc...
+ 41. Is it still necessary to pay one tenth tithe to the church in new testament Christians believers today?
+ 55. Are women allowed to wear jewelry?
+ 92. When Yahshua left this earth HE instructed HIS disciples to preach the gospel and baptize them in the name of the Father Son Holy Spirit. How then do you just baptize in the name of Yashua. It is kind of confusing.
+ 29. If a baptized covenant believer in Yahshua does not have anyone to partake the Passover with in his hometown is he cut off from the covenant relationship?
+ 54. When is the resurrection of the saints?
+ 58. Is it wrong to use the Set Prayers in the Siddur for the format of the Sabbath service?
+ 2. Does the bible teach that the soul is immortal, and that people are re-incarnated after death?
+ 7. Some believe that the all 70 weeks were fulfilled ending in 34AD with the death of Stephen. Can this interpretation be accurate according to scripture?
+ 4. What is the necessity for the believers as to continue observing on the annual seven feasts after the cross? Are they not the mere shadow of things, blotting out or canceled the code written by Moses, he took it away nailing it to the cross? Is it not enough as to observe these three feasts beside the weekly Sabbath (i.e Passover, Shavout and Sukkot) but not mixing with the old yeast or the Old Testament style?
+ 5. How does the Messiah fulfill the 70 weeks prophecy by stopping the daily sacrifice? Also, does the prophecy indicate that the 70th week is separate from the other 69 weeks?
+ 6. How does the Messiah fulfill the 70 weeks prophecy by stopping the daily sacrifice? Also, does the prophecy indicate that the 70th week is separate from the other 69 weeks?
+ 51. Does being set apart and sanctified include leaving an unbelieving spouse?
+ 42. How often are we to take communion?
+ 24. I live in the US should I be saving my tithe money to go to Israel to the feast or should I still be sending to the ministry?
+ 75. Would you please explain a little deeper the seemingly contradiction of when Yahshua said Luk 2218 For I say to you that I will not drink from the produce of the vine again until the kingdom of YAHWEH comes! and when He took the vinegar which is of the fruit of the vine when on the tree?
+ 9. Who is the current senior elder in Jerusalem
+ 23. On the day light portion of the 14th Aviv should we start refraining from eating foods with leaven as we head to starting the 15th Aviv Holy Day?
+ 10. what types of food can be eaten during the Day of Unleavened Bread?
+ 81. Is 9:6 interlinear has it as Father of this Future child is called. Can Yahshua be echad as one and the same omnipresent as Yah in Heaven and earth at the same time omniscient as Yahweh Yahshua Messiah?
+ 57. Ex.12:22 tells us that on Passover night we are to stay indoors till the am. Yet Yahshua took His disciples to Mt of Olives and Gethsemane after their Passover meal. Was this commandment only for the 1st Passover and should we watch and pray keep vigil as Yahshua did? Please comment.
+ 43.

How can the day begin at dark when Yahweh divided the light from the darkness and called the light day and the darkess night? Shouldnt day start at first light and night start when it gets dark because of this separation?

+ 15. Is circumcision the sign of the New Covenant?
+ 14. Was there salvation in the First Covenant?
+ 13. How does one enter into the New Covenant?
+ 49. If I throw away or recycle a piece of paper that had a teaching I am done reading and it has Yahweh’s name on it is it a sin?
+ 50. Is the Mezuzah a command we need to observe or should we view this as His Torah commands are now written on our hearts as a believer in Messiah Yahshua and His Torah?
+ 73. In this spiritual wilderness time period we are in how do we literally identify the real Laodicean members in YHWHs congregation?
+ 70. I was wondering in Acts 8 the Ethiopian Eunach why was philip taken before he had hands laid on him? is it possible he did and we are just not told everything?
+ 19. Is Yahshua, who is the Son of Yahweh, a created being or is He eternal like the Father without beginning or end?
+ 18. Are the Father and the Son the same being? Explain.
+ 83. Why did John The Baptist wear unclean camel skins? I thought we are not to touch anything unclean. This question has been bugging me. Is it a mistranslation?
+ 26. Where do the gentiles (other nations) fit into the covenant of YHWH?
+ 27. I am a new uneducated believer and was told that the Sabbath is not Saturday but changes every month to a different day depending on the moon. Can the Sabbath be calculated according to the Moon and switch to different days of the week each month?
+ 17. What if the barley harvest is early before the equinox and the grain is already fallen off the sheaf?
+ 16. Is barley the only parameter to starting the biblical year?
+ 76. Luke 9:30 has Moses and Elijah 2 men with Yahshua. Can they be the 2 witnesses?
+ 85. I had never heard Lev 19:19 regarding a garment of mixed fabrics. Can you please expand on this as to what this means for believers today?

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