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Unpacking the Zip-files Burning Audio-files on CD Download vs. Streaming

How to make a CD out of the downloaded (&unpacked) file:

Most probably you don't want to listen the sermon on your Computer, so the next step is burning it on CD: Open your CD-Burning-program and add the audio-files to the new CDs content. Important is, that you don't burn it as a data-CD but as an audio-CD. Otherwise your normal Hifi-Set's CD-player will not be able to play it. You could also burn it as Mp3-CD, what would have as advantage, that many sermons would fit on one CD, disadvantage: A normal CD-player is >not< able to play it.

If you burn it as a normal audio-CD, sometimes it doesn`t fit on just one, but on two CDs :-(

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