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We believe Yahweh to be a family name consisting of Yah, Yahweh the Father, and Yahshua Yahweh his Son.  We believe them to be two separate beings, but are one in thought, mind, and love by the Holy Spirit. Gen 1:26, and Gen 19:24, shows this duality of beings. Deut 6:4, also states "Yahweh Elohim, Yahweh Echad" (united, supreme).  This word echad in the Hebrew shows a duality of Yahweh.  We believe that Yahweh the Father is greater than Yahshua the Son, (Jn 5:30, Matt 19:7) in both power and Authority, but commands us to honor Yahshua as we honor him (Jn 5:23).

We believe Yahshua to be the Messenger of Yahweh in the Tanach (Old Testament) Is 42:1, Ex 3:2, Gen 18:1-33 Ps 110 1:7 Ps 45:1-8, Ps 2:1-7, and also the very Son of Yahweh (Pr 30:4).  The Hebrew word "Malak" which is translated into English in most cases as Angel, literally means Messenger.   Even men are referred to as Malaks (2 Sam 11:19).  Yahshua was the Malak or Messenger of Yahweh, but is not an Angel (Heb 1:5,13) but is also Elohim (Jn 1:1-13).

We believe all humans to be sinners waiting to be judged to eternal damnation for our sins (Ro 3:10-20, Ps 5:19, Ps 10:7 Ps 14:1-3).   We believe that in His love for us while we were yet sinners (Jn 3:16, Ro 5:8) Yahweh sent His only Son Yahshua, the Messenger of the Covenant to die for the penalty of our law breaking, and took our legal code of Debt (Col 2:14) away and nailed it to the tree at His death.  We believe that through repenting of our sins, and believing in Yahshua's sacrifice for the forgiveness of those sins, and being immersed (baptized) in Yahshua's Name, and having hands laid on by an elder for the imparting of the Holy Spirit, that we go from death to life, and have our sins forgiven and the death penalty removed.  By repenting, we must totally turn from our old sinful nature to the nature of YHWH.

We believe that we are saved by grace through the covenant of faith.   There is nothing that we can do to earn our salvation.  A good act cannot annul a bad act (sin).  Only by accepting the blood of Yahshua to pay our death penalty can we be saved.

We believe once we are saved that we must walk in newness of life (Ro 6:1-23), and sin no more (Lk 13:1-5, Jn 8:11), and obey Yahweh's Torah.   We are not obeying Torah to be saved, as accepting Yahshua's blood for our sins already saved us.  We keep Torah to please our Heavenly Father, and it teaches us right from wrong (Ps 119:105).  We believe keeping Yahweh's commandments shows Him that we truly love Him (1 Jn 2:2-4), this includes the third commandment of not changing YHWH's Name.

We believe and observe Yahweh's Sabbath day, as honoring Yahweh and Yahshua as creators of the universe, and believe it to be a sign of Him and His children (Ex 31:12-19).  We also honor His Holy appointments with us in Leviticus the 23rd chapter, as they show His redemptive work He is doing with mankind through the blood of His Son.

We believe a true believer in Yahshua will be known by his fruits (Matt 7:17-23), and by his true genuine love to others (Jn 13:34-35).  A true believer will even love his enemies (Matt 5:43:48).  A true believer will sacrifice and give to the poor and needy, and care for the fatherless and the widow.  He will not covet money and other worldly things but will have his heart set on serving Yahweh and heavenly things.  He will not be condemning to others, knowing he needs the Father's grace, and will always forgive others even if they wrong him.  True love is the most important characteristic of the true believer, not some form of knowledge.  A true believer will be a slave to Yahshua, and will share his salvation with others (2 Cor 5:14-21).  The kingdom of YHWH and not mammon will be first in his life (Matt 6:24,33).

We believe that Yahshua is returning to earth for a literal 1000 year reign, and His kingdom will continue forever.  We believe those faithful, will be resurrected from the dead, and will reign with Him as Kings and Priests on the earth (Rev 5:10).  The wicked will receive eternal damnation.   At His return, He will also unite both The House of Judah and the House of Joseph into one (Ezek 37).  We believe that the Father is still working with the Nation of Israel, and as believers should be focusing on calling back the lost sheep of the House of Israel.  When someone of the Nations comes to faith in Yahshua and is immersed in water he also becomes part of the seed of Abraham and an heir of the Kingdom.

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