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Matthew 24:14 Project
And this good news of the Kingdom shall be published in all the earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.
(Mat 24:14)

Matthew 24:14 Project
Project - Preaching the Good News - The twofold comission --> Materials

Matt. 24:14 says that “the Good News of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the earth for a testimony to all the nations”. I like to refer to this passage as the great two fold commission.

1) Literally preaching the written Word (the Good News) and
2) As a witness, showing by the example of our lives, the way we live, that we really are Messiah’s disciples.

  1. Preach the Good News:
    • Pamphlets – It is easy as putting them out at train stations, supermarkets, and local stores in your community. Places like Wal-Mart and other mega stores have free advertising boards that you could put the coyhwh website information on or other flyers. This is one of the most simple and most effective ways to preach the Good News in a local area and to give Yahweh a chance to bring new sons to you in your local areas.
    • Radio – You could sponsor this ministry that you believe in, by getting CD’s from the website and sending them to any local radio station. Simply go to our radio section and download the programs onto discs and go and negotiate with a local radio station for the best price to play the 28 minute programs on a daily or weekly fashion.
    • Monthly open meetings – You could try putting out flyers and local adds and have open meetings to the public monthly. Much prayer and fasting is needed to find out which of these ideas Yahweh deems best for your area.
    • Possible door to door – Now, I know this one may not be for everyone, but what better way to invite local people in your community to a local fellowship, than to greet them door to door and share the Good News with them? To those who may feel compelled to try this avenue, read Luke 10 on the commission to the 70. Yahshua did send out His disciples.
    • Internet – In the last 10 years the Internet has quickly become the number one most efficient way to get information out on a mass worldwide level. You could set up websites, surf for free advertising, put adds on religious websites or think of other ways to promote the website using the net.
    • Book markers- We will have two main bookmarkers to use. One will be the book marker for the Hebraic Roots bible. This is by far the greatest way to witness of the truth as all Christians claim they believe in the bible, and you would think that most would want the most accurate translation. The second book marker is for the Great Falling Away book and has the Qumran cave and says find out what your Pastor, priest or minister does not want you to know and gives the website to receive the Great Falling Away book. This book is a great tool for witnessing and is extremely thorough and has brought thousands of people to faith. You could hand out bookmarkers anywhere and they are a great way to get people to the site and also a nice gift for people to use in their bible. The bookmarkers are included in the Math 24:14 packet. You could also put the books and bible on CD and hand them out at random as this is a very inexpensive way to produce the books and bible and hand out at little cost.

  2. As a Witness:
    Being a witness is such an important part of our preaching. If we only preach with words and not with actions then we are hypocrites. We are to be selfless, even loving our enemies. The golden rule “Love your neighbor as yourself” has always got to be written on our hearts.
    • Homeless people – This is a great way, not only preach the Good News to these people, but to really fill a true need. Homeless people need food and clothes and in most cases just pure fellowship from someone who has true love. They are out there almost everywhere, and especially large cities. Just think if you were homeless and hungry wouldn’t you want someone to help you.
    • Anti Abortion Clinics – No greater abomination is happening in this land than some-odd 38 million babies who have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. There are clinics who give these women an alternative to abortion. You could donate time to phones or counseling, or even some financial help. When I see Catholics, and others out their doing these things I wonder where are the true called out ones of Yahweh? Are they sitting in a living room fighting over doctrines? I pray that we are out there also, showing our father’s testimony in us.
    • Helping people broken down on the Highway – There is no greater frustration as tan being stranded and helpless. This can be very dangerous to old people stranded in the cold of winter with no heat in the car. Many people have been greatly amazed and appreciative of those who take the time to help in this fast paced no help society.
    • Some other ideas for service; soup kitchens, hospitals, retirement homes, a picnic for people in need, using Craig’s list to help elderly, collecting from organizations, and spending time with widows. There are literally 100’s of opportunities for service. We could use each one not only to fill the physical needs that they may require, but to preach the Good News and give these people hope for Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom. Let’s not forget our own Brethren. The bible says to do good unto all men especially those of the household of Yahweh, Gal. 6:10. You could start a ministry of encouragement and exhortation to the brethren, or maybe card writing. How about picking up someone for services who does not drive, or caring for a widow? Our service should be ongoing and outgoing.

We need to truly seek the will of Yahweh as well as the love of Yahweh to know exactly where His service is for us. Let us all continue to pray and fast to seek our Father’s will for us, and to pray for Him to show us our spiritual gifts that we may use them to serve others.


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